For the treatment and management of footrot fungal infections& copper deficiency


Copper sulphate is a blue crystalline product that has astringent, bacteriostatic and antifungal properties. It is also used as a nutritional supplement.


Treatment and prevention of footrot in cattle, sheep & Goats

Treatment of fungal infection e.g. ringworms.

Treatment and prevention of copper deficiency.

Top dressing of pastures in copper deficient areas.

Improvement of health, fertility, productivity and wool quality

Treatment of diarrhea caused by Molybdenum poisoning.

Emetic agent in the management of ingested poisons

Closure of esophageal groove before administration of drugs to ruminants


Copper sulphate prevents and treats footrot, fungal infections, copper deficiency and molybdenum, poisoning in livestock when used as directed.

Footrot: Put 250g in 5 litres of water (5% w/v). Mix to dissolve, put mixture in a footbath and let animals pass through daily. Change water after 14 days or as required.

Ringworms & Other fungal infections: Put one and half teaspoonfuls (15g) in a 300ml bottle (soda bottle) mix until dissolved. Apply solution with a brush to ringworm lesion for at least 14 days.

Top dressing of pastures: Apply once annually at 5kg hectare of pasture during the rainy season in confirmed copper- deficient soils.


Store at room temperature (200-250c)

Protect from direct sunlight

Keep away from the reach of children


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