TOPVIT Supplements vitamins, enhances body resistance against diseases and increases feed conversion.


VITAMIN B COMPLEX – Protects liver cells, improves appetite,growth,production and feeds conversion.


VITAMIN A:- Assists in formation and regeneration of the epithelial layers of the skin and mucous membrane hence prevents white cheesy like materials in the eye due to vitamin A deficiency.

-increases immunity and hatchability.


VITAMIN D :- Helps normal absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus hence prevents rickets,osteoporosis in animals.

-prevents poor egg shell quality in laying birds.


VITAMIN E :- Prevents encephalomalacia and white muscle  disease (in swine,cattle shoats and poultry)

-it also regulates metabolic processes and boosts immune system.


VITAMIN C:- Essential for tissue formation and reduces susceptibility to stress.


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